How to Play Unsupported HD-audio

If your AVR or HTPC does not support HD-audio playback very likely you already asked yourself: "Is there workaround for playing such unsupported soundtracks without loosing quality?"

The other thing is that sooner or later every movie collector thinks about using an external hard drive to store his Blu-Ray library either for backups or instant access. If movie collection counts tens of terabytes, the logical question is "How much space can be saved while transferring all this data with no quality loss?"

The answer to both of questions is the following: Try to recompress them with lossless techniques.


Free Up Disk Space

In terms of space saving, the video and audio streams are the main hard disk space eaters.

Since video lossless compression will run us... a few GB/minute, this is not something I encourage you to try :-] This happens, because video stream on the Blu-ray transfer is already compressed, comparing to its lossless cinematic source. So converting lossy to lossless is bad idea in general, which results in wasting space, resources and time.

On the second hand, recompressing lossless HD-audio such as DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD and Linear PCM should allow us to save some space with bit-to-bit equal quality. The question is: "How many gigs we can save and is it really worth it?"

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