Conclusion of DTS-HD MA vs DTS Core Difference and Comparison

Comparing to the trailers, DTS-HD MA and DTS Core difference equals around super quiet -90 decibels. So the difference is even less noticeable for full-length movies. This happens because trailers in most cases contain more rich soundscapes, than movies.

For 7.1 movies the side surround channels SL and SR winning a leftover battle. They are less quiet and contains more audible information comparing to 5.1 layouts. This happens because 7.1 channel system incorporates all the elements of a 5.1 channel system, but instead of combining both surround and rear channel effects into two channels, a 7.1 system splits the surround and rear channel information into four channels.

Usually, DTS-HD MA and DTS Core audible difference mean volume located in the -120dB / -60dB range. Let's recap what's going on on such a low decibels:

dB dB Example
Absolute Silence -120 0 human hearing threshold (mosquito flying 3m away)
Barely Audible -110 10 a pin dropping, rustling leaves in the distance, normal breathing, falling leaves
Very Quiet -100 20 ticking watch, rustling leaves
-90 30 soft whisper, quiet bedroom at night, idle music studio
Quiet -80 40 quiet library, computer, babbling brook
-70 50 light traffic, refrigerator, moderate rainfall
-60 60 conversational speech, air conditioner, bird calls

Notice, however, how quiet these nulled tracks are, compared to the original. All this audio signal is almost perfectly masked by the louder part. The average difference between Master Audio mean volume and its hiss leftover equal to 60 dB. Volume loudness doubles each 10 dB. For 60 dB it reaches 2^6 or 64. So Master Audio is 64 times louder than its leftover. And all of these 64 times louder movie audio sits above a super quiet leftover hiss.

Distinguishing how leftover hiss sounds in such scenario is a problem for a human ear.

Soft whisper at 30 decibels will not be heard close to 90 decibels buzzy lawnmower. Computer fan at 40 decibels is indistinguishable while train running by with 100 decibels noise ratio.

DTS Core track has exactly the same dynamics as the DTS-HD MA track, no less. It also does not lack in any frequency, bass, treble or mid-range. The difference of DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS Core is almost none. It is barely/non-audible for 5.1 setups. It may very well be that DTS-HD Master Audio is overrated unless you have 7.1. But the last decision as always is up to you. Also, remember, that placebo is so much sweeter... So don't forget to turn it off first :-]


Placebo effect

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